Fallece Alex Brown guitarrista de Gorilla Biscuits

Alex Brown, artista y guitarrista de la icónica banda Gorilla Biscuits, ha fallecido a la edad de 52 años a causa de un aneurismo cerebral. El músico también formó parte de Project X y Side By Side y dirigió el sello Schism y el fanzine de mismo nombre.

Art Forum informa de todos los detalles:

The painter and musician Alex Brown, who exhibited at Feature Inc. in New York from 1998 until its closing in 2014 and played guitar in the seminal hardcore punk band Gorilla Biscuits, has died at age fifty-two following an aneurysm. Brown’s painting often worked from found photographs from travel brochures and postcards, press materials, and the internet, which Brown then filtered or superimposed with complex, often gridlike patterns. These lent the canvases a quality of Op Art or a trace of digital manipulation, though they were made freehand.

Brown was born in 1966 in Des Moines, Iowa, and studied art at the Parsons School of Design in New York, eventually resettling in his hometown. In addition to his close association and frequent exhibitions with Hudson, his dealer at Feature Inc., Brown had solo exhibitions at Gallery Min Min, Tokyo; Blondeau Fine Art Services, Geneva; and Twig Gallery, Brussels.

Author: redlinux